Hertford Parkrun - Starts 11th Oct

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Re: Hertford Parkrun - Starts 11th Oct

Post by mdja » Wed 17 Sep, 2014 10:52 am

jackanapes wrote:
I'm a bit apprehensive about the mud, though.
Not a runner (yet?) but fairly familiar with Panshanger through dog walking and it seems fairly well drained, even in the slop of last winter/spring it was ok. Besides even the meads are mainly dry/not muddy at the moment.
I've run round Panshanger all times of year and all conditions and it doesn't get too muddy - you get the odd puddle but as said above the ground is generally well drained. If anything, for me it doesn't get muddy enough, makes it much more fun!

As for the choice of park, it's definitely more fun and scenic to run round than Hartham, lots of variety, uphills and downhills, wooded and open areas. I'm sure people can survive without a toilet, if they can't there's always the concrete subway under the A414 you can duck into :shock:
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