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Stabbing in Corn Exchange

Posted: Mon 09 Nov, 2015 9:41 am
by Golden
I walked past earlier in the evening and commented to my wife about the security on the door being extra heavy considering they normally have one guy for a regular event so there must have been a reason? I believe it was a private party in there last night. ... assaulted/

Re: Stabbing in Corn Exchange

Posted: Mon 09 Nov, 2015 4:48 pm
by Steve
The Corn Exchange have issued the following statement on Facebook:

We feel we should post a statement regarding the unfortunate events that occured last night.

We were putting on what we thought was a 60th birthday party for a woman who had been diagnosed with cancer. Her son booked the party last minute to raise money for her to go on a trip and for cancer research. When the evening started it slowly became clear that this wasn't the nature of the event (although i think it was still in aid of the charity) and we realised we'd been conned into an event that anyone who knows us would know we wouldn't have booked in. We had no idea that Dappy was going to be there until later so for those thinking we booked him please don't think this is the case.
For all of you who know us and support us you must realise that something was amiss here. We fell extremely hurt as we are being judged and our good work seems to have been forgotten. We don't expect to have to vet private bookings if they are sold to us as such a kind gesture from a son to their mother but unfortunately for the future we will have to scrutinise each potential booking.

The way this was done reflects the nature of the people who visited our venue and we are not used to this kind of underhandedness and behaviour. As you know we pride ourselves on our impecable reputation for a trouble free venue where you have all come and enjoyed your visit whatever the event. It has taken us years to build up our customer base and supporters and we are distressed that the actions of a conman has tarnished our good name.

I hope that you will all support us whist we go through this time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions but please be assured that we would never have put our venue, our reputation and our town in this situation.

Re: Stabbing in Corn Exchange

Posted: Mon 09 Nov, 2015 5:58 pm
by Golden
He did look a bit concerned when I walked past - as I said earlier the level of security was different from what I've known there in the past. An unfortunate set of events that was evidently out of his control.