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The Stasi work hard to maintain their reputation.

Posted: Thu 07 May, 2015 11:42 am
by Ewoowar
The ticket Stasi were on form this morning.

On the train from Hertford North Stasi number 2032 asked to see my ticket, which I showed her. She wanted me to remove it from the plastic wallet, which I did. There was nothing wrong with it. It had the correct date written on it, 7/5/15. She instructed me to put a zero in front of the 7. She said it was to stop me from trying to change it to 17 to use again in 10 days time. I reiterated that there was nothing wrong with the card as it was but she said if I did not comply she would remove the ticket from me and I would have to use another one to get out at Moorgate.

So I complied.

But the best was yet to come. The young lady next to me had her annual rail card which she had just bought in April. Apparently her first ever railcard as she had just started work in the city. The Stasi asked to see her photo id card and though she looked for it couldn’t find it. An understandable mistake by someone who had just bought her first rail card. So she phoned home and her mum found it. Too late. And, within reason, a fine due. The lady showed a raft of other id including bank cards, her NUS card and even her driving license and all had her name on which matched the name on the rail travel card. But this was not good enough.

So the Stasi said she would confiscate the rail card. Not just issue a fine but remove the card. The lady asked how she was to get off at Moorgate without a card and was told she would need to buy another. So I pointed out that if she did that she would be issued with another fine at Moorgate for travelling without a ticket. The lady asked how she would get home and the Stasi ignored her. I tried to be helpful and suggested that if she went back to Hertford and met her mum with the photo id she’d be late for work but would at least not lose her annual card. But she rounded on me stating it was none of my business and I had was preventing her from doing her job. The Stasi then walked off still with the lady’s railcard. I suggested to the lady that she phone her mum, get her to take a photo of the id card and send it to her, which she did. The Stasi returned to issue the fine and the lady showed her the photo her mum had sent her on the phone. Nope, not good enough. The lady was then told she could apply to have railcard returned but when she asked how to do it and how long it would take she was ignored.

Then the Stasi’s colleague arrived and after a short discussion between the two the annual railcard was returned and the lady got a fine.

How unreasonable. All that unnecessary aggravation.

Re: The Stasi work hard to maintain their reputation.

Posted: Thu 07 May, 2015 1:04 pm
by Pharcyde
She can appeal the fine and report the inspector. The young lady that works for me forgot her annual ticket yesterday and got a fine on the way in from outside Chelmsford. The inspector told her to take the PCN along with her annual ticket to the ticket office at Liverpool Street and they would rescind the fine. I think that the young lady from this morning should be able to do the same. It is disgraceful that they act like that and don't tell you these things.

Re: The Stasi work hard to maintain their reputation.

Posted: Thu 07 May, 2015 1:46 pm
by Darcy Sarto
My first experience of using the service for some time today. I am an infrequent traveller to London but usually for work at peak times. Is it just me or are the trains even busier/fuller than they ever were?

Is anyone copying the correspondence ref the Ticket Stasi to GN customer service (if it exists)

Re: The Stasi work hard to maintain their reputation.

Posted: Thu 07 May, 2015 1:58 pm
by Ewoowar
Getting on the train from Hertford North is fine. There are always seats available. It’s when it reaches Enfield Chase that it starts to get a bit packed. Then by Harringay you get to a situation where some passengers can’t even get on and those that do end up with their posterior in the face of a sitting passenger.

Oddly, the trains back to Hertford North are less busy, even in rush hour and again, I have never failed to get a seat when boarding at Moorgate.

Re. this morning……………I told the lady that she should check to ensure the Stasi had put her number on the fine notice which she did, 2032. I told her she needed that if she wanted to complain.

Re: The Stasi work hard to maintain their reputation.

Posted: Fri 08 May, 2015 8:38 am
by Kateg28
That is shocking behaviour.

I accept they need to catch habitual fare dodgers but that is just bullying. I admit that maybe the fine was acceptable under the terms and conditions (we do have to draw the line) but to remove the ticket is disgusting behaviour.

I hope she does complain.

The train company would get more satisfaction from waiting the other side of the bridge at Hertford North where the fare dodgers climb over the fence to get out when the ticket gates are closed.

Re: The Stasi work hard to maintain their reputation.

Posted: Fri 08 May, 2015 3:05 pm
by Ewoowar
I didn't know you could climb over a fence at Hertford North (not that I would try). I know the escape route from Hertford East if there are staff waiting at the exit but I haven't tried that either.

I've seen a guy simply vault over the gates at Hertford North in front of the Stasi. But once he's gone they don't bother chasing.