New trains on Hertford North route announced

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Re: New trains on Hertford North route announced

Post by JohnSmith » Sat 23 Mar, 2019 9:48 am

codek2 wrote:
Fri 22 Mar, 2019 8:22 am
2 new units will enter service next week. so they beat hertford east *just*!
My son found this on a train forum. The 07.28 Stevenage to Moorgate is the 07.44 from Hertford. Think I'll give it a go.

5K02 05+32 Hornsey Depot to Finsbury Park
2K02 05.41 Finsbury Park to Moorgate
2F04 06.07 Moorgate to Stevenage via Hertford
2J30 07.28 Stevenage to Moorgate via Hertford
2V33 08.45 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
2K50 09.38 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2F52 10.41 Moorgate to Watton-at-Stone
5J71 11+53 Watton-at-Stone to Watton-at-Stone via Langley Junction
2J71 12.11 Watton-at-Stone to Moorgate
2V73 13.20 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
5I00 14+14 Welwyn GC to Welwyn GC via Reverse Sidings
2K00 14.39 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2F02 15.40 Moorgate to Watton-at-Stone
5J27 16+40 Watton-at-Stone to Watton-at-Stone via Langley Junction
2J27 16.59 Watton-at-Stone to Moorgate
2V28 18.00 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
2K46 18.58 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2B48 19.55 Moorgate to Hertford North
2J63 21.00 Hertford North to Moorgate
2V65 22.00 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
5E65 22+58 Welwyn GC to Hornsey Depot

3B20 06+32 Hornsey Depot to Gordon Hill
2J20 07.11 Gordon Hill to Moorgate
2G22 07.55 Moorgate to Gordon Hill
2J38 08.41 Gordon Hill to Moorgate
2B40 09.25 Moorgate to Hertford North
2J57 10.30 Hertford North to Moorgate
2V59 11.30 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
2K72 12.28 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2B74 13.25 Moorgate to Hertford North
2J89 14.30 Hertford North to Moorgate
2V01 15.30 Moorgate to Welwyn GC
2K18 16.28 Welwyn GC to Moorgate
2G25 17.25 Moorgate to Gordon Hill
2J37 18.12 Gordon Hill to Moorgate
2G40 18.55 Moorgate to Gordon Hill
5E89 19+42 Gordon Hill to Hornsey Depot
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Re: New trains on Hertford North route announced

Post by JohnSmith » Mon 25 Mar, 2019 7:46 pm

The two new trains were brought into service today and I caught one in to work and one home.

Positives are:
Very spacious
The internet via the onboard wifi works all the way to the Bayford tunnel
Clear automated announcements of next station
Power socket between each pair of seats
Air conditioning works well (although anything is better than the freezer / blast furnace of the 313s)
Text indicator boards in the carriages (but they weren't working)
Quieter ride due to sealed windows
The ride seemed to be more smooth except for that bit near Cuffley
You can walk through the entire length of the train to find a seat (but see first negative!)

Fewer seats (100 fewer per 6 carriage train)
The seats are rock hard
Poor leg room
Very little to hold on to when you're moving down the carriage and the train is moving

Not sure if it is a negative / positive, but the data allowance for the wifi is 50MB. That appears to be for each journey as I got 50MB in the morning and another 50MB in the evening.

I didn't travel past Drayton Park so not sure how they are handling the issue of drivers having to stop short to see the signals, which means you can't use the doors on the rear carriage. Rumour has it that they had a member of staff on the platform to see the driver off.
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