Parking Charges 2017-18

Your views on traffic and parking in the town
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Parking Charges 2017-18

Post by Steve » Fri 02 Jun, 2017 2:57 pm

Looking at the new parking tariffs in Hertford, it appears that the price of parking for 60-90 minutes has just doubled.

Previously the first 30 minutes would be free and then you paid 80p for the following hour.

Now, the free 30 minutes are included in (rather than in addition to) the 1 hour tariff, meaning a stay of between 60 and 90 minutes costs £1.60.

I can't see any announcement about this other than the statutory Traffic Regulation Orders and signs about a new tariff on the car park noticeboards.

Obviously one wouldn't expect the so-called local newspaper to pick this up but it seems to have passed everyone by, including local retailers and the Town Council
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Re: Parking Charges 2017-18

Post by SloopJohnB » Sun 04 Jun, 2017 12:56 pm

I had second thoughts about posting on this question of parking fees so here is the sanitised version.

There is no opposition to the party in power; either from within or from other parties, vocal, written or otherwise.

Funding was withdrawn from all the Town Centre Management Boards accross the District in 2009. This left a vacuum for the voice of local traders, even if in some towns they couldn't always all agree on the same thing. I do know that in Hertford we were severely chastised for questioning the parking policy then in force.

I think Doris Paddick was the last 'active' member of the Hertford Chamber of Commerce before it was swallowed up within the Hertfordshire C of C which itself became an advisory and guidance body.

I just looked up this constituency and found that it is the 70th safest Tory seat. I thought it was better than that but never mind I doubt if Mark Prisk will be having any sleepless nights before Thursday.

If District return 50 Tories, Town 15 Tories and there is no real threat in the General Election then all I can conclude is that everyone is content with things as they are in East Herts Land. I am myself a founding member of the Let's Be Happy Party as many local publicans will testify.
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Re: Parking Charges 2017-18

Post by newcomer » Mon 12 Jun, 2017 11:14 am

Fame at last for "user Steve".
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Re: Parking Charges 2017-18

Post by TcfL » Thu 23 Aug, 2018 8:35 pm

Interesting item from EHDC on extra charges for parking when using RinGo ... -car-parks
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Re: Parking Charges 2017-18

Post by jbond » Sat 25 Aug, 2018 8:39 am

Is there an alternative to RingGo for phone based payment?
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Re: Parking Charges 2017-18

Post by TcfL » Sun 26 Aug, 2018 8:37 am

Well this is what it says on the EHDC site 'Why has this changed? Before introducing the new car park machines, the RingGo service was the only option available which allowed our users to pay their parking by payment card. To assist the motorist, East Herts Council subsidised the RingGo transaction fee instead of passing this onto the user. In late 2016, East Herts invested in new machines in our car parks which give users the option to make payment by debit/credit card as well as the option to check in and check out which means that you don't have to rush back to your car' and these are the Hertford car parks owned by EHDC ... -Car-Parks
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