Ware Road

Your views on traffic and parking in the town
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Ware Road

Post by jbond » Sun 03 Mar, 2019 12:46 pm

The parking, traffic and speed in Ware Road is hurting people. Especially between the A10 Viaduct and the Stanstead Road mini roundabout. Last week there was yet another accident requiring an Air Ambulance.

What is to be done?

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Local residents strongly believe the situation in Ware Road, Hertford is becoming increasingly dangerous, due to congestion, speeding and parked vehicles lining both sides of the road and pavement.

Despite the outcome of Hertfordshire County Council's, 2017 traffic survey, informing residents that there weren't really any problems and in fact, there was space for more on-street parking, the experience of those who live in and around Ware Road is a very different one. This is especially so with even more dense housing developments being planned in the nearby area (eg., Persimmon at 306-310 Ware Road and the Old Hertford Mill development off Tamworth Road).

Since March 2017, We have seen at least SIX collisions resulting in injuries to someone, two of them being schoolchildren.

History: Collisions on Ware Road

9 Mar 2017 - car mounted parked car outside Liberty Rise - 1 person hospitalised
22 Mar 2017 - bus and car collision near school entrance on Ware Road - 1 person hospitalised
6 Oct 2017 - child hit by bus near roundabout - Air ambulance transfer to hospital
17 Dec 2018 - car turned on side at roundabout - 1 person hospitalised
24 Feb 2019 - car collided with others near roundabout - 1 person hospitalised
28 Feb 2019 - child hit by car outside Liberty Rise - 1 person hospitalised.

The reality of Ware Road - a busy and fast 'A' distributor road which (according to the council's own traffic survey) somehow manages to cope with almost 9,000 vehicles every day, many of these being HGVs and buses - and on the most congested part of the road, alongside the Liberty Rise estate, there is barely enough road space for two standard size vehicles to pass. Buses and HGVs have no choice but to queue and wait for a gap in traffic flow.

Following Friday's accident, and with the frequent near misses they witness, residents will now be taking further action to demand the council take immediate and appropriate measures to reduce the serious highway risks to residents, schoolchildren and people who drive along the road.

We have repeatedly been told that a Hertford Bypass will ease congestion along Ware Road but, given the dense housing development planned for the area (and Ware itself) and the proposals for Ware Road to become a 'Mass Rapid Transit' route, many residents are certainly not reassured that the situation will improve in the foreseeable future and perhaps not even in their lifetime
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Re: Ware Road

Post by monkeyman1974 » Sun 03 Mar, 2019 5:10 pm

Interesting comments (in my opinion sensible) regarding the bypass not being a cure all.

The reality is, removing the 70% of traffic that transits through Hertford should help moderate the problems you raise.

Hopefully people contributed to the consultation. If not the local member Bob Deering is excellent, and I'm sure will listen to your views.
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Re: Ware Road

Post by TcfL » Tue 05 Mar, 2019 12:59 pm

Afraid I must disagree with those comments. I believe HCC are ignoring Ware Road safety and the congestion/pollution of Gascoyne Way (to which it is a significant contributor) as it looks to use those traffic volume etc stats to justify the by-pass and the building of more houses. I know that come the May EHDC elections I will be asking what the candidates will be saying to HCC about the CURRENT problems not those HCC proposes to solve in the 2030s.
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Re: Ware Road

Post by monkeyman1974 » Wed 06 Mar, 2019 12:55 am

? less traffic is good surely..

Ware Road is a mess, whatever way the cat jumps
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