Raise Your Voice - Richard Hale School -15 March

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Raise Your Voice - Richard Hale School -15 March

Post by James007 » Thu 13 Feb, 2014 10:53 pm

With all this wet weather, isn't it worth to 'Raise Your Voice'?

Both Hertford Choral Society and Richard Hale School are collaborating to give you to chance to let you sing and 'Raise Your Voice'.

Whether you are on a quick bathroom shower before a race to the train, or on a long journey road-driver in the wind and the rain, this is is a time to let your lungs turn off-the taps, or simply slow down, and lose the your direction and all of those maps.

Come and join this local chance to take part in a choir, it will be worth than more than just an hour.

There are no vocal tests so please forget any nerves, just the ability to sing from your heart, at start, you have no need to know or remember the words...

....as Mr Ken Burton will be there to help you to 'Raise Your Voice'', please click this this link, a most worthy of choice.

http://raiseyourvoicehertford.org/" target="_blank
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