North & East Herts Waste Consultation Survey

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Darcy Sarto
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Re: North & East Herts Waste Consultation Survey

Post by Darcy Sarto » Fri 20 Oct, 2017 6:42 pm

Some consistency in what is collected with what and when would be more "encouraging" than giving me two more bins to accommodate and keep clean (even if they are to be collected weekly).

I want to recycle but my I am frustrated by the lack of a consistent process across local authorities and, over time, within them. All this faffing about will eventually grind down even the greenest of us who might just say - "oh sod it" and put everything in the black bin and be done with it or worse fly tip!

It saves money (which is no bad thing) for the local authority to move the task of waste picking in a mixed recycling facility back to the waste producers (us) by effectively making each household its own waste treatment facility. This is free to them but not at all efficient because we each do it on a very small scale and are generally rubbish at it (see what I did there?) so someone else has to process it all again anyway.

I suspect if I offered sort waste for a fee for my neighbours and applied for an EA permit and waste carriers licence this would be refused as the premises would not be deemed suitable and I have neither the training or the qualifications necessary.

Recycling really works and benefits "the planet" and society more when it is collected in a "mixed" state and "en-masse" and then treated and sorted in bulk at the point of processing/recycling or incineration (but lets not open that can of worms (he's at it again)).

Nuff said (for now) - I'll get my (HiViz) coat.....
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