The need for a bypass around Hertford was first discussed in the 1980s.

In 1990, the then local MP, Bowen-Wells, called for a bypass around the town and in September of the same year, East Herts District Council asked the County Council to include a bypass in it's plans.

A £20m southern bypass connecting the A414 at Hertingfordbury with the dual-carriageway at Foxholes was proposed. A northern bypass was also considered but there was no obvious route.

However, the plans ran into strong opposition on environmental grounds and in October 1994 the plans were formerly rejected by the County Council's environment committee.

Since then, congestion has increased, and measures to deal with increasing traffic have not stemmed the 35,000 vehicles now using Gascoyne Way.

At the beginning of 2005 it emerged that planners were again discussing the possibility of a bypass, this time at a cost of £28. However, the plans went no further.

The Hertford & Ware Urban Transport Plan of 2010 suggested a bypass could be discussed when the plan is reviews around 2015. It states: "Should a bypass scheme gain support, implementation would be subject to funding and satisfactorily resolving other aspects such as establishing suitable routes and mitigating the impacts of any proposals.

Transport Vision Consultation 2016

In the Autumn of 2016 Hertfordshire County Council published a consultation document on a new Local Transport Plan for the county. The document included discussion of a new bypass for Hertford with a potential implementation date between 2021 and 2031, and costed at around £175m.

The document highlights the fact that congestion on the A414 through Hertford is constraining the level of housing growth, as well as air quality issues and severence issues between the town centre and the south of the town.

The report states: "A large proportion of the traffic on the A414 in peak periods is passing through the town (in the AM peak around 40% of westbound and 36% of eastbound traffic)".

Transport Vision 2050 (opens in a new window)

Link to Public Consultation (closes 14/12/16)

(Picture shows Hertingfordbury bypass just west of Hertford, close to where any future Hertford bypass may intersect.)

This article was last update on 30th October 2016.