Draft District Plan

The District Plan sets out how the District Council will deliver sustainable development in the district up to 2031. It is an overarching strategy that will guide development and establishes a number of objectives and supporting policies.

Local Planning Authorities are required to establish the level of housing need through demographic projections. These show tat there will be a need for approximately 15,000 dwelling over 20 years.

In addition to housing it is imporant that the council plans for the right types of jobs in the right locations and also ensures rthe necessary community infrastructure is propvided alongside development.

The strategy therefore plans approximately 9,700 jobs, new schools and new roads to support new and existing communities.

A public consultation is currently in progress, allowing local residents and organisations to comment on the council's draft plan. The consultation runs from Thursday 27th February for a period of twelve weeks, until Thursday 22nd May 2014.

More information about the District Plan is available on the District Council's website here.

The District Plan and Hertford

Hertford is the second largest town in the District, with a population of around 25,000 (2011 census).

The draft plan recognises that there are capacity issues within Hertford's schools at both primamry and secondary levels. The plans also acknowledges that the town is constrained by it's historic character, the A414 trunk road and subsequent congestion; and the presence of locally and nationally important wildlife assets.

Projections show that there will be a need for 3,242 new homes in Hertford, of which 1050 will be on identified brown and greenfield sites, with another 898 at locations in the town that have recently been completed or have planning permission.

The draft plan identifies five sites for development:

  • Mead Lane - 300 homes
  • Archers Spring - 300 homes
  • West of Thieves Lane - 250 homes
  • North of Bengeo - 150 homes
  • Mangrove Road - 50 homes

Areas ruled out include historic parks and river valleys.

2016 Final Draft & Consultation

The final draft of the proposed District Plan was published in the latter half of 2016 and a public consultation opened on Thursday 3rd November 2016, running for six weeks.

» Click here to view the final draft, Chapter 7, covering Hertford

» Find out more about the consultation


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