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Clubs & Societies: Arts & Crafts

Name:Carter School of Dance
Contact:Caroline Crowley
Address:The Limes, 13 Morgans Riad, Hertford SG13 8BS
Telephone:01992 551451
Meets at:Sele School
 Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Name:Courtyard Arts Centre
Contact:Corinna Dunlea
Address:Port Vale, Hertford
Telephone:01992 509596
When:Wed-Fri 10am-3pm, Sat & Sun 11am - 4pm
Name:Hertford & District Camera Club
Contact:Elizabeth Brown
Telephone:01992 893431
Meets at:St.John's Hall, Churchfields
When:Fridays at 7.45pm, September to May
Name:Hertford & District Philatelic Society
Contact:Philip Bicknell
Telephone:020 7527 2295
Name:Hertford & Ware Machine Knitting Club
Contact:Ida Coyston
Address:102 Fordwich Rise , Hertford
Telephone:01992 581827
Meets at:5 Cedar Close
When:Last Monday in the month, 8pm
Name:Hertford Art Society
Telephone:07951 621532
Meets at:Cowbridge Hall
When:Tues 7:30-9:30 and Weds afternoons
Name:Hertford Chamber Choir
Contact:Graham Frankel
Telephone:01992 582898
Name:Hertford Choral Society
Contact:Mrs Trish Goldsmith
Telephone:01992 589730
Meets at:Sele School, Welwyn Road
When:Tues 7:30pm
Name:The Company of Players
Contact:Shirley Howlett
Address:The Little Theatre, Balfour Street, SG13 3BB
Meets at:The Little Theatre, Balfour Street
Name:Hertford Concert Band
Contact:Chris Tilbury
Address:Simon Balle School, Mangrove Road, Hertford
When:Fri 5:30-6:45
Name:Hertford Country Dancing Group
Contact:J Newton
Address:15 Station Road, Digswell
Telephone:01438 714539
Meets at:Hornsmill Community Centre, Cecil Road, SG13 8HS
When:Wednesday 8:15pm to 10:15pm
Name:Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society
Contact:Mrs. Joan Laidler
Address:35 Peel Crescent, Hertford
Telephone:01992 586010
Meets at:Bentley House, Pegs Lane
Name:Hertford Flower Club
Contact:Janice Hyde
Telephone:01920 464624
Meets at:Hertford Heath Village Hall
 Hertford Heath
When:2:15 4th Thurs each month
Name:Hertford Horticultural Society
Contact:J.& A.Whiting
Address:68 Burnett Square,Hertford
Telephone:01992 550904
Name:Hertford Music Club
Contact:Harold Chaplin (Chairman)
Address:39 Port Hill, Hertford
Telephone:01992 304606
Meets at:Friends Meeting House, Railway Street
Name:Hertford North Floral Club
Address:Sele Farm Cottage, 143 North Road, Hertford
Telephone:01992 583987
Meets at:Parish Hall, Duncombe Road
When:7:45pm 1st Thu in month
Name:Hertford Symphony Orchestra
Meets at:Mill Mead School, Port Vale
When:Tues 7:30pm
Name:Hertford Writers Circle
Telephone:01992 505441
Name:Hertford Youth Choir
Contact:John Mitchell
Address:50 West Street, Hertford
Telephone:01992 555960
Meets at:Abel Smith School . Wednesdays 6:30-7:30
When:Wed 6:30-7:30pm
Name:Hertford, Ware and District Singing Festival
Contact:Mrs.Norma Coborn
Address:351 Ware Road, Hertford
Telephone:01992 584813
Name:Hertforde Poets
Address:30 Sele Road, Hertford
Telephone:01992 501723
Name:Jean Clough School of Dance
Address:28 Oak Lea, Welwyn
Telephone:01438 716032
Meets at:Hertford Methodist Church Hall, Ware Road
Name:Mimram Singers
Contact:David Scholar
Address:19 Ware Road, Hertford
Telephone:01992 589884
When:Sun 8:30
Name:Pioneer Arts Centre
Contact:Sheila Goldsmith
Address:Pioneer Hall, Ware Road, Hertford
Telephone:01992 587533
Meets at:Pioneer Hall, Ware Road
When:Thurs 11am-1:30pm & 7:30pm-10pm
Name:South East Herts Scottish Country Dance Society
Contact:Jenny Buckingham
Telephone:01707 894912
Meets at:Millmead School
When:7:30pm Thursday
Name:Waggoner's Square Dance Club
Contact:Janet Hewitt
Address:40 Lammamead, Broxbourne, Herts, EN10 6HY
Telephone:020 8363 5247
Meets at:St.Joseph's In The Park School Hall
Name:Wine Club of Hertford
Contact:Jill Tozer
Telephone:01992 558004
Meets at:Waterford Village Hall
When:8pm 2nd Friday in the month