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Ye Olde Hertford Town FC

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A personal plea from the Chairman....Can you help?

This season we have obtained a lease for 40 years on the ground from the East Herts District Council and are now in a position to apply for grants to refurbish and improve the facilities.

See the pictures in this news item from circa 1960 (thanks to Elaine Waumsley), which shows how the stadium looked when it was first built.

Hertford FC

Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds and maintenance it is now a shell of its former self, although we annually spend thousands of pounds on its upkeep, which is merely scratching the surface.

I have been assured that in time the ground was far better than a lot of the clubs in the old Division Four of the Football League and everyone cast an envious look at our facilities. Gone are the days in the early 60’s when we had 10,000 supporters and gates of 2,000!

The main aim on the incumbent committee (who are all unpaid volunteers), is to rebuild the clubhouse, which in its heyday was open seven days a week for a variety of functions. Why it was never rebuilt after the fire in 1991 is beyond me!

Hertford town fire

We want to have the new clubhouse as a community centre for young and old. Playgroups for the youngsters, a centre for the OAPs, a youth club for teenagers etc, as well as sporting facilities for all; but without financial help this cannot happen. We do not get any help from the East Herts District Council (our landlords), nor the Government. So if you would like to have a centre for every age group in the vicinity we will need funding. This is the goal of the committee, we realise it will take a lot of time, effort and money, but we will not rest until this is accomplished.

We need people who are prepared to help us. Are you an architect, solicitor, financial director, builder, electrician, plumber, gardener or DIY enthusiast? Any form of assistance would be welcome.

If you can help us fulfil our goal and want to be of assistance, in any way, please use our Contact Us page to send a message.

Let us try and build something together for the community to make the town and surrounding areas of Hertford proud.

Thank you

Peter Sinclair

Hertford Town FC Chairman

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