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Post by HertfordEastEnd » Fri 23 Aug, 2019 10:24 pm

This week I intercepted two individuals posing as gardeners outside of our flat, they were in fact waiting to do a drug deal in the area of the bridge near the Dicker Mill Industrial Estate. I called 101 and the Police were actually very good, I provided them with the videos and they confirmed that they were known to them. I have also been made aware that there is a major drugs problem coming from some of the new builds near Hertford East station. It is quite common to see people clearly under the influence of drugs in that area, and openly dealing near Hartham Common. I do feel incredibly sad about what has happened to Hertford in recent years. We first lived here 2008-2009 before moving away, and returning again in 2012 to present. The town has changed so much in recent years, and there are certain parts (sadly where I live) where drug dealing is now prolific. You can smell drugs walking home from Hertford East station, it is quite depressing and explains why we and a great number of our neighbours have put our homes up for sale, or intend to do so in the new year.

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Post by TcfL » Tue 27 Aug, 2019 9:13 am

Very much like your positive comment on the response you received to your concern. I do not feel you are alone on how the town is changing. It is especially concerning to parents and although the crime stats do not show a significant rise over the past year, I believe that the type of crime is changing with drug activity becoming more closely related to violence. We deserve a stronger response from LG and those responsible for the safety of children

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