Discontinuation of Hertford Stations Anytime Travelcards

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Discontinuation of Hertford Stations Anytime Travelcards

Post by rogerstone » Wed 20 May, 2015 8:29 pm

Bought a card at the machine at Hertford East yesterday & was charged £24.30 instead of £22.50. Bugger I thought the sneaky gits have snuck in a price rise whilst I wasn't looking.

Questioned this at the ticket office this morning & was told that it was due to the discontinuation of the Hertford Stations card which was being replaced by cards specific to the stations next January but the ticket machines have been updates to issue them now at the higher price.

The lower price still applies at the ticket office until the next price rise in January. No idea how much a ticket will cost afterwards. £24.30 + annual rise ?
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Re: Discontinuation of Hertford Stations Anytime Travelcards

Post by Kateg28 » Thu 21 May, 2015 8:33 am

Will that apply to the Annual season tickets as well? I currently have a gold card that allows me to travel on either and I probably do a 60/40 split so I use both lines frequently.
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Re: Discontinuation of Hertford Stations Anytime Travelcards

Post by Rabbit Rabbit » Thu 21 May, 2015 2:57 pm

I found out on Monday that the "Hertford all stations to London Terminals" had been ceased; there is "Hertford East to Liverpool Street" at £15.70 (£1 less) and a "Hertford North to London terminals" (presumably to cover Kings Cross and Moorgate)at £16.70 (same price).

Like others must do, I sometimes travel up from Hertford East and back from Hertford North - I do it for the exercise.

I sent a "complaint" to Greater Anglia, in fact on Monday I sent fourcomplaints about a single journey (is this a record?)

1) The options for tickets on the machines for tickets didn't give the ticket I wanted - Hertford All Stations to London all Terminals
2) The train was short formation because of a "backlog of repair and maintenance at Ilford" - why weren't they on top of their maintenance?
3) Why had the price changed and was I due a refund for previous journeys (well I tried anyway)
4) Why did I have to put a telephone number on the complaint when I didn't want to be telephoned (later I found out you could put anything in the field but not leave it blank)

There could easily have been another complaint about the person in the ticket office (you know who I mean.....) -

me - the machine isn't giving the ticket option that I want
ticket office person - I'll have a look
me - Can you just sell me a ticket because the train will leave soon
ticket office person - well make your mind up, what do you want?
me - I just want to get on the train....

I think this is the divorce between Hertford East and Hertford North, and of course another retrograde step in the service provided.
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Re: Discontinuation of Hertford Stations Anytime Travelcards

Post by codek2 » Thu 21 May, 2015 3:01 pm

i believe "london terminals" also includes finsbury park. certainly the ticket gets you in and out of the barriers there, but never knew if it was actually allowed or not. (A single to KGX is the same price as one to FPK IIRC)
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Re: Discontinuation of Hertford Stations Anytime Travelcards

Post by MultiDad » Thu 21 May, 2015 4:01 pm

my travelcard has gone down in price by 2.40 a week because i have opted not to use the hert nth option, just the hert east.

not complaining, but after this mornings fiasco where the 6:57 was cancelled due to a late running freight train, it's still not a bargain.
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Re: Discontinuation of Hertford Stations Anytime Travelcards

Post by highwood38 » Wed 27 May, 2015 4:12 pm

Season tickets allow you to start or finish at any intermediate station:

http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_far ... 46571.aspx

For normal tickets you can also start or finish at intermediate stations as long as the ticket is valid for the train you're on, unless the ticket seller makes it clear you can't break the journey apparently! I'm sure I remember news stories about people buying long distance tickets and trying to break their journeys early and getting fined so I presume it's mainly restricted on advance tickets?

Finsbury Park isn't a London terminal, though Old Street is for ticketing purposes.

http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/times_far ... #terminals
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