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Vegan venue

Post by Jezzy » Fri 04 Aug, 2017 1:43 am

Hi everybody!
Haven't been in Hertford for more than 15 years already)
Will visit my born town in early September, I'm a veggie and need your advice. Have found that popular and top rated Lussmanns and The Grandison both are vegetarian friendly. Could you please share your opinion on their vegan options, or probably advise some other nice places?


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Re: Vegan venue

Post by codek2 » Fri 04 Aug, 2017 9:22 am

I would really recommend trying the white horse in Hertingfordbury. (it's brand new, opens on Monday - Don't read anything into the old reviews, it's new owners etc)

They have 2 vegan options, and some other vege options. I'm not vegetarian, but i had the vege roasted cauliflower main because it sounded delicious and it was. (Can't resist a curried cauliflower!)

Oh, and out of those two, i'd pick Lussmans every day. It's a jewel in Hertford.


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