Proposed changes to conservation area

What do you think about the quality and pace of housing development in Hertford?
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Proposed changes to conservation area

Postby newcomer » Tue 17 May, 2016 12:57 pm

This link to East Herts lays out proposed changes to Hertford Conservation Area. There is a public meeting and exhibition on Wednesday June 1 from 7pm-9pm at the Mill Bridge Rooms about this.

I guess this is a signpost to which areas they want to redevelop next.

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Re: Proposed changes to conservation area

Postby Golden » Tue 17 May, 2016 1:47 pm

Not sure about some of it - the piece of land opposite Hertford Cricket club has always been rumoured for development but it was thought nobody knew who owned it - so they must have been found. The rest of it appears to be centred around the London Rd roundabout and some areas that are already congested - also office block areas. Unless they're determined to make the area have even more flats by building on some of the less well utilised sites?

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