Bircherley Green Redevelopment

This gallery features photographs of the ongoing redevelopment of Bircherey Green shopping centre in Hertford. The latest photos appear at the top of the page, working backwards as you move down the page.

The history of the site is also briefly covered at the bottom of the page.

West Block

A view of the west block ground floor in early November 2021 (Photo: Andrew Porrer)


This shot from Folly Island shows the new ground floor emerging above the hoardings (11th September 2021).

Piling and foundations

Piling and the laying of foundations is well underway in this photo from August 2021.

May 2021

A shot from late May 2021 looking north-west.

Bus Station

A view of the boarded up entrance at Hertford bus station.

Ready for construction

Ground beams are due to be installed during May (30th April 2021).


Preparation work is taking place prior to construction (11th April 2021).


Site clearance with construction materials being ground down and deposited in spoil heaps.
Thanks to The Hertford Club for allowing access to take this shot looking east (20th February 2021).

Spoil heaps

Another shot of spoil heaps (20th February 2021).


Steel fencing has been put up where Green Street meets the demolition site
(9th February 2021)

Site levelling

Levelling of the western corner of the site
(6th February 2021)

2nd February

Looking north-east towards the car park. All of the buildings scheduled for demolition have now been taken down.

26th January

Looking west from the old loading bay behind New Look and Birthdays. W.H.Smith can be seen in the background.

Green Street

Looking north towards the site (Photo: Steve Beeston).

6th January

One of the last shops to be demolished is the former New Look store.

Car Park

The car park is the only part of the development deemed worthy of retention and will be refurbished.

Forty Years

The Bircherley Green shopping centre lasted less than forty years. The late 20th century design was unloved and utilitarian.

December 2020

By the beginning of December 2020 demolition work had started in earnest, with shops on the west side coming down. These has been occupied by businesses such as Hob Salon, Carphone Warehouse and Claire's Accessories

November 2020

Contractors started work in November. This shot of the former Superdrug store shows that most of the building beyond the frontage has gone.

Bus Station

The only part of the Bircherley Green to escape the wrecking ball will be the bus station and former car park.

Work Restarts

Following the approval of a new planning application, work restarted on the main site in Autumn 2020


By the summer of 2020 the former shopping centre was in a poor condition.


The site fell in to decay as the new owners decided the best way forward

Redevelopment Stalls

Work on redeveloping the site stopped when the owners decided the project was no longer financially viable. The site was then sold to a housebuilder.

Final businesses close

The last remaining businesses on the site were closed by Christmas 2018

Demolition starts

The south-east corner of the site was the first part of Bircherley Greent to be demolished. These buildings had been the home to Isobel Hospice, Halfords and Lloyds Bank (5th September 2018)


After businesses had left the Railway and Bircherley Street Street frontage in 2018 the site was prepared for work to begin.

Redevelopment Approved

Proposals to redevelop Bircherley Green were granted planning permission in 2017 following three years of consultation.

Shopping Centre

In the late 1970s the site was sold to private owners who built a new shopping centre, which opened in 1981.
(Photo: Rod Lewis)

Bus Station

This shot from 1944 shows the bus station. There was also extensive car parking.

Butcherley Green

Butcherley Green, or sometimes Butchery Green, was a densely populated area of slum housing in the town centre. Following World War I the tenements of The Green were demolished to make way for a new bus station and the residents rehoused in new council housing.

History of Bircherley Green

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