Hertford's Post Office

Since the 19th Century there have been three post offices in Hertford.
The current post office in Maidenhead Street opened in 2015.

The General Post Office was established in 1660 by Charles II.
The Penny Post was created by Rowland Hill in 1840.

19th Century

Until 1890, Hertford's main Post Office was at 98-100 Fore Street, between the Westminster Bank and The Master's House.
The site is now occupied by Saks hair salon.

Chequer's Yard

Nearby, a few doors to the west, was the Chequer Inn and Chequer's Yard. The site was bequethed to Hertford Poor Estate charity, who demolished the buildings to make way for a new Post Office, which would be leased to the government.

84-86 Fore Street

The new Post Office opened in 1890 at 84-86 Fore Street. The entrance was at the front of the building, with a sorting office behind and telephone exchange on the first floor.

Architect & Contractor

Engraved stones at the front of the building name the architect H.Johnson and local builder H.Norris as the contractor.

Mayor & Treasurer

The Mayor & Treasurer Isaac Robinson ran a drapery business with William and Alfred Graveson.


This image shows a group of postmen outside the new post office. The engraved windows list some of the services on offer - money orders, parcel post, telegraphs and savings bank.

Modern Entrance

The entrance to the post office later moved to the side of the building.

Maidenhead Street Post Office

Following tenancy issues, the post office franchise was taken over by OUE and the business relocated to Maidenhead Street.


The premises in Maidenhead Street had been empty for many years following the closure of McDonalds.


Since 2015 the old post office has been unoccupied.


The upper floors of the old post office building are now part of the neighbouring Cinnabar Hotel.

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