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Updated Tuesday 24th December 2002
Parking Study

Parked cars
Bircherley Green to remain short-stay
East Herts District Council has published the results of a parking study conducted on behalf of the authority by consultants Pell Frischman.

Recommendations include converting the Gascoyne Way multi-storey to entirely short stay, the replacement of the London Road car park with a multi-storey facility for 400 vehicles, and the amalgamation of the three Hartham car parks.

The long critisised pay and display payment scheme should be replaced with a pay-on-foot system, together with the implementation of a new one hour time band with a 40p charge. At present the minimum charge is 60p for up to two hours.

In addition, the consultants suggest the closure of the small car park at Baker Street, with the land being sold off for development. More space should also be found for car parking in St.Andrews Street and in Pegs Lane.

Discussions between the local authority and Network Rail are also suggested to identify the demand for long term parking at Hertford East station. At present there are little more than a handful of spaces at the station, whilst the old sidings currently remain undeveloped and overgrown. Residential parking schemes are also suggested on Folly Island and in streets to the immediate east of the town, often used by workers in the town centre.


The consultants principle recommendations to the authority include:

  • A new one hour parking charge of 40p
  • Multi-storey cark park in London Road
  • Pay on foot payment scheme
  • Close Baker Street car park
  • Free on-street parking for up to 30 minutes
  • Controlled parking zones and residential parking schemes
  • Establish long term parking area at Hertford East station
  • An extra 130 spaces in St.Andrews Street
  • Dispose of the Maidenhead Yard parking area
  • 50 spaces to be provided in Pegs Lane
  • Name and promote each car park

A public consultation will be held via the council's website and at local forums.


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