The number of households in Hertford increased by over 9% in the ten years up to 2011, according to census data .

The 2001 census recorded a population of 24,838 occupying 10823 homes. By 2011 this had increased to 26,765 people in 11,658 households. Most of the new homes were built in Castle Ward, where 683 homes were constructed.

Some of the larger recent developments in Hertford include Liberty Rise in Ware Road, built by Barratt Homes on the site of the former Hertford & Ware police station; Priory Gate in Mill Road, built by Redrow, and Smeaton Court in Mead Lane, built by Weston. All of these are to the east of the town centre, where many of the new homes built over the last 20 years are situated.

Future Development

There are currently no large building projects (over 100 homes) scheduled for the town. However, the District Plan forsees at least 950 new homes being built in the town over the next 13 years.

Current Developments

Development of 28 homes and a commercial unit is underway at Station Gate in Railway Street and Mill Road on the edge of the town centre, whilst in North Road, the site of the former Waters Garage is being redeveloped to provide 13 new homes. In Hale Road and Pegs Lane, McCarthy & Stone are constructing 81 retirement apartments in two blocks on the site of the former Sovereign House.

Development Policy

East Herts Council is currently working on a District Plan that will guide strategy up to 2031.

A number of options for future housing in the town have been identified and studied in detail:

  • The town centre
  • Existing urban areas (Marshgate Drive)
  • To the west (Sele Farm)
  • To the north (Bengeo)
  • To the south (Mangrove Road)

The option of expanding furthet to the east has been discounted to avoid coalescence with Ware.

The provision of new houses outside of existing urban areas will require the release of greenfield land and could have a negative impact on road traffic as an increasing number of people use their cars for travel. This may also have a knock on effect with air quality falling and an increase in the emission of greenhouse gases.

Studies have also highlighted the shortage of family homes in the town, with most new properties being flatted.

The District Plan is currently a draft document, with councillors expected to vote on adoption by the Summer, at which point it will become District Council Policy.

This page was last updated on Saturday 28th April 2018