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Should Fore Street be pedestrianised?

Thursday 23 July 2020

The western end of Fore Street has been closed between Parliament Square and Shire Hall since 22nd May as a social distancing measure.

With the closure now becoming more permanent, following the installation of planters, there are rumours that the street could be permanently pedestrianised.

Some councillors are known to be in favour of the measure, whilst other people are skeptical.

Banning traffic from this length of Fore Street would remove conflict between pedestrians and traffic where the pavements are narrow and traffic frequently mounts the kerb to allow buses to pass. The conflict between buses heading west and traffic heading east in the narrow street has long been an issue.

Space could be freed up for outdoor eating and public events

Pedestrianisation would also free up space for further outdoor eating and drinking, and potentially street trading.  Public events such as the Food & Drink Festival and Musical Mystery Tour also use the square and removing traffic would benefit such events.

Traders could lose passing trade

On the other hand, some fear that businesses would lose passing trade. Fore Street is currently home to hairdressers, a beauty clinic, bathroom showroom, estate agent, newsagent, grocery store and three eateries.

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