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Roundabout signals revert to part-time

Sunday 25 April 2021

Hertfordshire Highways have reversed a recent decision to introduce full-time traffic signals at the Bluecoats roundabout following criticism from the public and local councillors.

The part-time lights were reinstated on Friday (23rd April) after feedback suggested that the change had led to a significant increase in congestion across the town.

The lights were changed to full-time operation after collision data suggested that fewer accidents occur when the lights are operational.

The County Council's website reported: "We have heard the concerns raised by residents and users of the town and to help us understand what is causing these problems we will be trialing a return to part time signals at the junction to see how the road network responds and inform our decisions going forward."

Mark Kemp, Director of Environment and Infrastructure said: "With around 30% of pre covid-19 traffic travelling on the A414 through Hertford being associated with local journeys, I would encourage everyone to think about the difference that small changes can make to our local environment and where possible consider walking, cycling or using the bus for local trips.

"This will help to tackle climate change, reduce air pollution and improve people’s health. We are particularly reminded of this on Earth Day (22 April) where we have reaffirmed our aspirations to tackle environmental issues.

"The council has ongoing investment programmes to improve the highway network, including schemes to improve facilities for people when they walk and cycle. These are part of ambitious plans to help the County become net zero greenhouse gas before 2050.

The Covid-19 pandemic has placed us all in unprecedented and often challenging times, but there are also opportunities for us to realise. Working together, and with small changes to our behaviour, we can create a better environment for everyone."

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