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New video celebrates town

Thursday 18 November 2021

A new video promoting Hertford's numerous positive attributes has been welcomed on social media followiong its release earlier today.

Daniel Griffiths, the founder of I Love Hertford & Paul Crowley, a local designer/photographer, have teamed up to create the video to promote Hertford and the community that makes the town what it is.

Daniel and Paul were really keen to get as many voices involved in the project as possible.

Everyone featured in the video was asked to pick one aspect of their town that they love. Contributors were filmed in a variety of locations across the town whilst providing their own soundbites.

Daniel Griffiths said: "Over the past two years, it’s fair to say we’ve been through a lot and with Christmas just around the corner, we thought what better opportunity than to remind the people of Hertford how lucky we are to live in this community."

I Love Hertford also recently handed out a series of community awards celebrating the town's ordinary heroes.

The I Love Hertford Facebook page has over 10,000 followers and Daniel recently launched a website offering discounts and perks to members.

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