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MP reacts to Whitehall party claims

Saturday 15 January 2022

Constituency MP Julie Marson has issued a statement on social media expressing her "disappointment" at the behaviour of the Prime Minister, following revelations that social events were held in Downing Street during lockdown.

Ms. Marson describes being appalled that events were held at No.10, Downing Street "whilst twe were all under severe restrictions".

However, the MP held back from drawing any final conclusions until the results of an enquiry by the Cabinet Office's Sue Gray.

Julie Marson was elected as the MP for Hertford & Stortford at the 2019 general election. She grew up in Essex and had a career in corporate banking before becoming a politician. She has a cockapoo dog named Boris.

Ms. Maron's full statement reads:

I have previously made clear that I am appalled that events were held at No. 10 Downing Street during a time when we were all under severe restrictions. My view has not changed and I know it is shared by a great many people across the constituency who made countless sacrifices to keep each other safe.

The PM’s involvement at this latest event is disappointing and it was right for him to come to the House of Commons on Wednesday to apologise. I believe it is sensible and fair to wait for the results of Sue Gray’s investigation before drawing any final conclusions.

As the MP for Hertford and Stortford, I am continuing to work hard for my constituents and will not let this distract me. Yesterday, I had my Justice Department hat on to continue work on the PCSC Bill. I also held various meetings, including with the Coalition for Global Prosperity, and wrote two speeches that I hope to deliver in the Chamber today, including one in support of greater protections for people with disabilities. And this evening I will begin my reading ahead of Treasury Select Committee sessions next week, where we will be scrutinising the future of financial services.

Comments left on Ms. Marson's Facebook page were unsupportive, with many criticising her muted response. Her use of the word "disappointing" was mocked by Janet Tocqueville, who wrote:

Disappointing is when your child doesn't get to play Mary or Joseph in the School Nativity. Disappointing is when your team only manages a one all draw against the Canaries. Disappointing is when the coffee shop doesn't have gingerbread latte for sale in February.

Perhaps you mean "incandescent with rage" like 90% of the population who made enormous sacrifices "Stayed at home and protected the NHS" while your colleagues partied on.

Stuart Fox also picked up on her language and predicted that Ms. Marson would not be relelected:

"Disappointing!" I don't think even now you grasp the level of outrage and offence these parties have had on the honest and hard working people of this area, and the whole of the UK. People have been treated with utter distain, and you trot out the "let's wait for Sue Gray's report" mantra. Johnson could not even give a heartfelt apology, still trying to claim he thought it was a work meeting. I know you will not call for his resignation as you always meekly tow the line and follow the whip. Enjoy your last few months as our MP!

Simon Kimber commented that it wasn't necessary to wait for an enquiry as the facts were already known:

It would be great if we could have an MP who shows some leadership rather than hiding behind an internal inquiry. What can Sue Gray tell you that you don’t already know?

There were multiple parties/gatherings in Downing Street. We have photographic evidence of the Prime Minister attending one and he’s finally admitted attending another. Staff at number 10 were partying while the Queen mourned alone. They were drinking in the Downing Street garden into the early hours and were drunk enough to apparently break a child’s swing.

Meanwhile we the residents of Hertford were following the rules. I couldn’t see my grandmother before she died and didn’t hug my own parents at the funeral. I followed the rules but the Prime Minister couldn’t even resist going to parties. Being disappointed isn’t enough. You should be sending a letter to the 1922 Committee. Any other course of action is a slap in the face to the people you represent in Parliament. We deserve more than disappointment.

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