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Hertford Teacher Turns Author

Sunday 2 December 2018

A Hertford teacher has published a book chronicling life behind the scenes at secondary school.

Ambassadors And Zombies – A Teacher’s Guide To Schools And Teaching, goes behind the façade of open evenings and parents’ consultation evenings, and provides parents with "a hilarious and refreshingly honest guide to what really goes on in their child’s secondary school".

"Who are ambassadors and champions? Is there life after Levels? When did the Govian chicken come home to roost? Do you have a growth mindset or are you baffed?"

Adam Tangent draws on over twenty years’ experience of the secondary school classroom - of the good humour of students and their buffoonery, and of the fickle demands of Senior Leaders and Ofsted - but also glances back at school life in the late 1970s and early 1980s, before League Tables, Data Drops and Pupil Premium.

The book is rated 5 stars on Amazon, with reviewers describing it as "a hugely entertaining book" and " a humourous and insightful guide to the education system".

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