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Town Council Precept Rises By 3%

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Hertford Town Council is to increase its precept by 2.99% for the forthcoming financial year.

A precept is a portion of the Council Tax bill levied by the District Council on householders.  The District Council sends annual bills to householders, with a proportion of the monies raised going to the district council, county council, town council and police.

Following a number of years when its portion of Council Tax has been virtually static, Hertford Town Council has recently voted to increase its precept by 2.99% for the 2019/20 year. This is in line with increases by other local councils and will equate to an extra contribution to the Town of just 24p a month for average Band D households.

Bob Deering, Chairman of the Finance Policy and Administration Committee said: "The prudent management of our finances is a priority issue for Hertford Town Council. Our budget is carefully considered and sustainable. We are proud that unlike many other councils we have not increased our precept at all for each of the years 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2017/18 while at the same time investing in existing services, new projects and initiatives to meet the needs of our town and its residents. We have also fully maintained the Town’s programme of Community Grants which benefits a wide range of local good causes. The overall precept increase during the present 4 year Civic cycle averages out at only 24 pence a month for the average Band D household which I hope residents will agree represents good housekeeping."

Town Council services funded by the local tax include town centre Wi-Fi, support for the Taxi Marshal Scheme and continued funding of CCTV coverage in the town centre. The council also provides a full programme of events at Hertford Castle and in the town centre, as well as continued development of Neighbourhood Plans for the Sele and Bengeo Wards, support of the town’s allotments and continuing support for the improvements currently underway to the town centre.

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