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LibDems weigh in on Bircherley Green Blight

Monday 19 August 2019

Hertford & Stortford Liberal Democrats are urging the District Council to put "public good ahead of private profit" in a statement on failure of the Bircherley Green regeneration project.

Responding to news that officers at East Herts District Council have had an initial introductory meeting with Chase New Homes, the developer buying the Bircherley Green site, Chair of East Herts Liberal Democrats and Hertford Town Councillor, Andrew Porrer said:

"I am glad the district council are looking to ‘address the concerns of our residents’, however this is a golden opportunity to put not just the concerns but also the interests of Hertford residents first and foremost."

"We should use this new chapter as an opportunity to look at the infrastructure and central amenities that Hertford needs now and in the future. This includes keeping the bus station as this is vital for the town’s sustainable future (along with more cycle parking and improved bus services) but also retaining an improved car park until that sustainable future arrives.  The town will also need a new central doctor’s surgery. If we fail to open up the river front for the public, this will be a huge missed opportunity to spearhead town centre regeneration and we risk repeating the mistakes of 30 years ago."

He concluded: "Whilst I understand the need to work constructively with developers, if push comes to shove and in order to deliver what our town needs, the council should be prepared to buy the site themselves and manage the redevelopment for the benefit of our town."

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