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Tesco criticised for tree removal

Thursday 3 October 2019

Tesco have been criticised after removing three mature trees as part of repairs to the car park at their Ware Road store.

Works are taking place over a six week period to resurface parts of the car park and repair surfaces damaged by trees. This includes the complete removal of three mature trees and work to cut back the roots on other trees.

Local resident Lisa Kate Glithero was critical of the store's actions: "I wrote to Tesco back in August as I was concerned that they might be planning to fell the trees that were damaging some of the parking spaces at my local store in Hertford. I even included handy links to research I had done about flexible paving options to resurface over the damaged ground as an alternative to felling the trees. A representative from Tesco reassured me that they had no intention of felling these mature trees.

"Mature trees are not quickly replaced, they take decades to grow and every tree we lose contributes to climate change globally and reduces the air quality for people locally. I pointed out that there were viable alternatives to making the paving safe again that did not involve felling these beautiful and vitally important trees.

"I’d really like Tesco to compensate the local community in some way by investing in protecting trees or planting even more trees".

Tesco says that 15 people have been involved in accidents recently due to tripping in the car park. 

The works are scheduled for completion by Monday 11th November.

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