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Road Defects Blight Town

Wednesday 9 May 2018

Winter may be behind us but the toll it's taken on the Hertford's road is still plain for all to see.

Potholes and road defects are abundant both in the town centre and elsewhere on A roads and residential streets.

The junction of St.Andrew Street and Mill Bridge at Old Cross in particular has a large number of potholes in the middle of the carriageway.

In Fore Street outside the old Post Office building, the road surface is in very poor condition across the entire carriageway, with several layers of tarmac having come away across a considerable area.

Nearby in Market street a similar problem exists with the road surface disappearing to reveal the former concrete roadway beneath.

Across the county, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of potholes reported, leading to the county council introducing millions of pounds of investment into Hertfordshire’s highways network for 2018/2019. Prolonged cold and wet weather as well as four significant snow events this Winter have had a dramatic impact on the county's roads.

Rob Smith, Deputy Director of Environment at Hertfordshire County Council said: "Just like other parts of the country, our roads have been badly affected by the repeated periods of freezing weather this winter, leading to potholes forming at an unprecedented rate. We’ve brought in four extra jet patching machines to work alongside our regular crews to get on top of the problem and we’ve now fixed over 10,000 potholes. Despite the significant increase in the number of potholes and road faults reported, we continue to hit our targets of repairing the most urgent potholes within 24 hours and all others which are considered serious within five to 20 working days."

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