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Public Consultation on Sele Farm Development

Friday 13 April 2018

Hertford Town Council is organising a public consultation event on the future development of the Sele Ward.

The event, in collaboration with the Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan Community Steering Group, takes place on Thursday, 19th of April, in the Sele School Main Hall, starting from 4.30pm until 8.30pm.

The public consultation will take place at Sele School

The consultation is part of the Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan project (SNAP), a community-led initiative to promote sustainable development on the Sele Farm Estate and well as residential areas north of Hertingfordbury Road and around Goldings .

Representatives of potential developers in the area will be attending the event to present their current proposals for the Thieves Lane and the Archers’ Spring development sites, and also the Network Homes Regeneration Team to exhibit their plans for the current housing estates. The public will also have the opportunity to see and comment on the draft Neighbourhood Plan policies. Once adopted, these will become planning policies with statutory weight.

Councillor Steve Cousins, Chairman of the Sele Community Steering Group said "This is an important event to showcase the very considerable time and hard work that many community members have put in and gather the opinions of the residents. It is also an opportunity to pioneer EHDC Master Planning approach to developments ensuring a successful future for Sele."

The population of Sele Ward is 5632 according to figures from the Local Government Association.

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