There is a multi-storey and six surface car parks in Hertford. These provide a total of 797 spaces.

Between 7:30am and 6:30pm charges are 80p for an hour, £2.20 for three hours and £3.60 for 5 hours.
Long stay charges are £3.60 for 5 hours or £4.40 all day.

Parking after 6:30pm and on Sundays is free.

On street parking is available for up to 30 minutes in Fore Street.

Tesco has parking for 283 cars for up to 2 hours. M&S Food also has a small pay-and-display car park for customers.

Sainsbury's and Aldi also have car parks.

Car Parks

Town centre local authority car parks.

Gascoyne Way
340 spaces
short and long stay
Electric charge points
St.Andrew Street103 spaces
short stay
London Road77 spaces
long stay
Hartham Common120 spaces
short and long stay
Hartham Lane86 spaces
short and long stay
Port Vale39 spaces
short and long stay
Wallfields32 spaces
short and long stay

There are also store car parks at Tesco in Ware Road (free), and Sainsbury's in Hartham Lane (free if you shop), Marks & Spencer Food in Fore Street and Aldi in Gascoyne Way.

The multi-storey car park at Bircherley Green closed in 2018 and had 173 spaces.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made with cash, credit or debit card (except American Express or Diners Club) Applepay or Android Pay using the parking machines in the car parks. You can also make payment using the Pay by Phone service, although this requires downloading a smartphone app and opening an account.

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ)

There are three Controlled Parking Zones or Residents Parking Schemes, on Folly Island (H1), Chambers Street (H2) and the Hertford East Area (H3). Hours of operation are 8am-6pm Monday to Saturday.

Other residential streets also have parking restrictions during certain hours.

This article was last updated on Wednesday 24th March 2021.