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Tesco Plan Approved

Tesco have been given the go-ahead to extend their store in Ware Road.

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District Councillors met on Wednesday to discuss the plans, which will see the store enlarged by 6329sq.ft (588sq.m), which represents a 22pc increase in sales floorspace.

Tesco plan to extend the bulk stores at the rear of the building towards it's Railway Street frontage. The extensions enable the demolition and repositioning of the internal store rear wall by 12m and thereby the enlargement of the sales area. It is anticipated that the proposal will generate one extra delivery a day.

Following advice from the council's planning department, the Development Control Committee voted by a narrow majority to give planning permission for the expansion, subject to series of conditions, which have been accepted by Tesco.

Those conditions include the provision of a new store entrance in Mill Road, revised car park and pick-up point layout, widening of aisles and financial contributions of £72,000 for transport provisions and a community arts project.

Despite the committee's vote of approval, there were voices of dissent, most notably those of Matthew McCormick and Peter Ruffles, both of whom are also Hertford town councillors. The Town Council is opposed to the plan and have made representations to The District Council on the issue. They claim that any increase in the size of the store has the potential to damage other major retailers in the town. However, an assessment by retail consultants commissioned by the District Council concluded that overall impact would be marginal, even allowing for the proposed Sainsbury's in Hartham Lane.

Hertford is currently served by three supermarkets. In addition to Tesco, there is also a Waitrose and M&S Simply Food.

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