Bircherley Green Redevelopment

The Bircherley Green Shopping Centre was built in the early 1980s, on land that had previously been a large bus station and car park, together with a shopping arcade, disused grain store and maltings.

The estate is owned by the Deagio Pension Trust Ltd and covers the pedestrian precinct, shops fronting Railway Street and the bus station.

For most of it's 30 years the retail units have been fully occupied, with Waitrose as the anchor tenant.

Until recently the car park and bus station were leased to East Herts District Council, but this lease was given up to allow the centre to be redeveloped into a modern shopping environment.

Initial Proposals

The support of Waitrose or other anchor tenant was vital for any redevelopment of Bircherley Green, and the John Lewis owned supermarket made it clear that the plans for the precinct should offer an attractive site. They also made it clear that they were looking at the potentially occupying an out-of-town store at Little Amwell.

In August 2014 a public exhibition was held to display some of the options for the centre and get feedback from the public, before the submission of a planning application.

The 2014 scheme retained a food store, with a larger retail floor area and surface parking fronting the river. This was in response to Waitrose's desire for a much larger store and substantial surface level car parking. The scheme also removed the bus station from the site, with potential relocation to Fore Street suggested as an alternative.

However, public reaction to the plans included concerns about poor usage of the river frontage and poor access to public transport.

The lukewarm public response and Waitrose's desire for an out of town store at Little Amwell led to a re-evaluation of the plans.

Waitrose Relocation to Great Amwell

Plans for a new Waitrose store at Little Amwell were controversially approved by the District Council in 2015. However, following the threat of a judicial review by Asda (who had recently opened a new store in Ware) and subsequent legal advice sought by the District Council, the plans were sent back to the Develoment Management Committee. On the day before the committee were due to meet to discuss the plans, Waitrose and Van Hage (the site owners) withdrew the plans. Despite claiming that they were going to review and resubmit the plans, no further planning application was submitted.

The Waitrose store at Bircherley Green closed in September 2017.

2016 Consultations

In October and November 2016, new plans for Bircherley Green were shown to local councillors and the public at meetings and exhibitions in the town.

The plans featured a 3 phase redevelopment featuring an 85 bed Premier Inn hotel, 70 homes , retail units and an improved bus station and river frontage.

2017 Planning Application

A planning application for the redevelopment fo Bircherley Green was submitted to East Herts District Council in February 2017.

The plans were for a partial refurbishment and mixed-use redevelopment of the existing shopping centre, with the existing Multi storey carpark retained, together with the existing bus station and facility on Bircherley Street. The proposals incorporated demolition and redevelopment of the remaining buildings within Bircherley Green shopping centre, including the buildings to the internal mall, together with the partial development of Centurion House on Railway Street.

The plans included around 48,000sq.ft of retail space in 13 units, an 86-bed hotel, 70 residential flats, alterations to the existing car park, enhancement of bus station facilities and landscaping to riverside. The proposed retail floorspace is roughly the same as the current buildings.

At a meeting of the District Council's Development control Committee on 11th October 2017, members voted to grant planning permissionm for the redevelopment, with the formal notice being issued on 5th January 2018.

Post Planning

Following the granting on planning permission, the first phase of redevelopment started in August 2018, with the further three phases anticipated in the following two to three years.

Construction Phases

The Design and Access Statement provided as part of the planning process describes four phases of development.

In the first phase of building, Centurion House (on the corner of Railway Street and Bircherley Street) will be redeveloped to form a new 86 bed hotel.

The second phase would see the remodelling of the former Waitrose store and development of the first phase of buildings facing the river front. This would include refurbishment of the existing ground floor space beneath the Multi-storey carpark, together with works to the carpark to riverside walk and providing the new car park pedestrian access to the river. It is anticipated that this phase may allow certain tenants to be retained.

The third phase may allow creation the a new Bircherley Square with the redevelopment of the existing buildings to the western edge of the site. The impact on the existing retained centre and tenants would be minimised to allow trading and access throughout, including the main anchor tenant Boots.

The fourth and final phase would include the redevelopment of the existing Boots store, with relocation of the existing tenant as an option into earlier phase to allow for the uninterrupted trading throughout the refurbishment. It would be likely that this phase would include the redevelopment of the bus station and enhancement of the existing facilities, however this is ultimately flexible to allow delivery throughout any of the proposed phases.

This article was last updated on 16th September 2018.