Walking In Hertford

The countryside around Hertford offers ideal opportunities for walkers, either following established routes or simply exploring the lanes and flood meadows.

To the east of the town is The Meads which offers open floods meadow and a walk along the River Lea to Ware. To the west is the Cole Green Way, which follows the line of the old railway to Welwyn Garden City. Both of these are also open to cylists. Also to the west is the newly opened Panshanger Park, an historic Grade II listed park.

Pleasant walks are also to be found to the north and south of Hertford.

Hertford & Ware Activity Map

The County and District Council's have published an activity map which is available from the Tourist Information Centre. The leaflet provides information on local walks along the Cole Green Way, the Hertford to Ware towpath, the New River Path, Hartham Common and Hertford Heath, including Balls Wood.

Walking In Herts Website

For all the information you need for the best walking in the county you can visit https://www.walkinginengland.co.uk/herts. This extensive site features help and useful guides for walkers, including:-

  • Guided walks: eighty walks detailed every month. The website tells you how long the walk is, which group is running it, when and where it starts and a contact number in case of questions.
  • Books of walks: There are more than twenty books of walks for the County. All the details are here.
  • Leaflets of walks: More than eighty leaflets are produced around the County, many of them difficult to find.
  • Walking groups: Every walking group in the County is listed (more than 35 of them!).

There are also links so that you can check: the weather for your walk, links to other useful sites, how to get to your walk by public transport - and more is being added all the time.


This article was last updated on 24th April 2020